About CSC


The International Day for Street Children was launched in 2011 by the Consortium for Street Children (CSC).

Who we are

CSC is the leading international network dedicated to realising the rights of street children worldwide.

We are Louder Together.

What we do

We focus on four key strategic areas: Advocacy, Research, Shared Learning and Capacity Building

Our network

CSC is continually expanding and currently has over 80 network members - made up of NGOs, individuals, academics and street children groups - working across 130 countries. 

For more about CSC see our website www.streetchildren.org 

There are street-connected children all over the world. Although we don’t know the exact numbers, the statistics below are based on in-country head counts and national data. Knowing how many children live, work and spend time on the streets is vital for governments to develop policies and programmes that meet all street children’s needs.