Why is 2017 significant?


2017 will see the publication of the United Nation’s General Comment on children in street situations. 


What does that mean?


The UN established the UN Convention on the Rights of Children, which states that every child has rights, whatever their gender, ethnicity, nationality, language, religion, abilities or any other form of distinction might be.

However, every day, millions of street-connected children suffer multiple and repeated violations of their rights. Their numbers are likely to be growing worldwide as a result of conflicts in the Middle East, recession in Europe, natural disasters in Asia and Africa and many other factors.

The General Comment on children in street situations is a set of guidelines that will give Governments around the world the information they need to make sure street children’s rights are recognised.

This is important for street-connected children because it’s the first piece of authoritative UN guidance on street-connected children’s rights, and this is our time to stand with them and make sure Governments around the world implement these guidelines.

CSC is proud to have made the process of developing the General Comment one of the most participatory to date and we look forward to carrying this innovative approach forward into the next phase of our strategy – working with our members to promote implementation of the General Comment and make the words a reality for street-connected children around the world.